25-28 September 2016 - LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA


The authors do not need to follow a given format for their presentations at the EuroGeo6 conference other than that the presentation slides shall not contain company logos or other corporate identification except in an opening slide and a final slide expressing appreciation for support to the author/presenter by the company or a group of companies. This will be checked during uploading of the presentations at the congress, so please follow this rule strictly in order not to experience problems.

Each presenter will have 12 minutes for presentation.

The format of the projectors in different auditoriums are as follows:

Istanbul Auditorium: 16:9

Ankara Auditorium: 4:3

Izmir Auditorium: 4:3

Antalya Auditorium: 16:9

For your convenience, the following are some general characteristics of a successful presentation, i.e., one that is easy to follow and is beneficial to all interested parties:

  • Strictly adhere to the time allotted to you for your presentation allowing some time for a couple of questions
  • The objective of the study should be clearly given in the first page after the opening slide
  • Long, repetitive text paragraphs should be avoided
  • The slides should contain more graphics, figures, photos and tables than text (think visual)
  • The font and character size of the text should be selected so that they are easily readable even from the very back rows of the conference room
  • The background of the slides should contain no figures, lines etc., which could cause a visual obstruction or divert the audience from the actual content of the presentation
  • The conclusion and recommended future study (if necessary) should be given clearly at the end of the presentation
  • Assure the timing and content of your presentation before making your appearance at the conference

Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation will be with maximum 5 slides presented as an Electronic Poster . Please click here for Template document. The posters will be displayed on a screen of size 46".